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        Identifying and solving your challenges...



Every solution applied should be practical and properly designed to move your organization forward with more effective and efficient ways of thinking, performing and achieving. Every solution applied should happen against a clearly defined viewpoint of the future and should advance efforts to get there. When the collective  thinking and leadership of your organization operate above conventional thinking strategic objectives and goals are advanced; growth and profitability are better sustained.
At Next Level Solutions, we are passionate about the effective operation, growth and development of our clients’ businesses.

Our approach to consultancy is informed by broad based experience and designed to provide practical
solutions. Utilizing strong technical expertise; industry knowledge; and respecting corporate nuances, our singular focus is to always deliver superior results and solutions. We do this through the creation of well-defined strategic relationships; proactively and transparently engaging all relevant stakeholders; and seeking out best practice applications.
We are committed to presenting issues in a meaningful manner which will facilitate the
development of practical and workable solutions through careful and informed analyses. Our expectation is
that our work will positively contribute to the strategic and operational thinking of the organizations with
which we work.
We see our clients as strategic partners, working together for the success of their business. We pay special
attention to how our clients exploit opportunities, information and knowledge for strategic gains. We are here help our clients find solutions which work, solutions which will take their businesses, in a sound and sustainable fashion, to the next level.


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                 ...helping to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL 

MANAGING consuLtant,

Hubert Edwards is a former senior bank executive; senior auditor and regulatory consulting manager with one
of the leading big four public accounting firms; and senior bank examiner with the Central Bank of The
Bahamas. He is a fellow of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (UK); a Fellow of the Institute of
Chartered Accountants of Jamaica; a member of the Bahamas Institute of Chartered Accountants; and holds a
MBA with distinction from the University of Manchester. Hubert also holds a LLB with First Class Honours from
Huddersfield University. He lectures in a number of disciplines including risk management, anti-money
laundering and compliance and corporate governance. Hubert is also an author, media practitioner and an engaging and inspirational John Maxwell Team Certified Speaker, Coach and Trainer.

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