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Effectively managing risk is critical to the growth and maintenance of shareholders value. Companies
that develop a deep understanding of the risks impacting their business and proactively stay on the
forefront of emerging trends are those likely to secure superior performance. Every business decision
should be a deliberate consideration of the risk/reward trade-offs and focus on strategic objectives.
Profitably navigating the dynamic world of business demands a fundamental understanding of the full
range of risk, from strategic to reputational risk, impacting the enterprise. We can help with this and
help to take your business to the Next Level.


We provide a range of services that allow clients to effectively identify measure and manage risk, & to develop & maintain robust reliable processes & systems for the management of risk across your organization.

We provide support in areas such as:
Corporate Governance

Assessment of Framework & Regulatory Reporting
Strategic and Systemic Risk

Analyzing the Risk Associated with Planned Objectives & Those
Inherent in the Nature of Operation & Industry/Economy

Reputational Risk

Review & Assessment of Framework (to include AML/CTF risk)


The management of regulatory risk is critical to the survival of companies. The regulatory landscape is
dynamic, fast changing & requires careful proactive attention. Securing compliance, beyond simple
conformance, is a strategic imperative which holds fundamental implications for going concern &
shareholders value creation. Is your company at the right level to profitably manage regulatory risk? Our
offerings can help:

Developing/Assessing Regulatory Strategy

Pre-Regulator Visit Assessments

Response to Regulatory Sanctions & Directives

Framework for Regulatory Compliance

Independent Testing of Compliance Programs


While other risks trigger challenges, ultimately it is risks such as credit and liquidity which quickly
translates to losses and crystallize in the failure of companies. Is your company operating at the right level in managing financial risks? Our offerings can help.

Credit Risk
Liquidity and Treasury Risk
Adequacy of Capital Structure
Accounting & Financial Reporting Risk


No matter the nature of operation all companies are exposed to operational risks. Generally viewed as
all exposure outside of other defined areas of risk this ranges from employee errors, impact of third
parties and stakeholder, failure in business systems and the effectiveness and efficiency of internal
controls. A well-defined system and protocol for the management of operational risk is critical for the
proper functioning of companies. Is your company operating at the right level in managing operational
risk? Our offerings can help:

Internal Control Assessment

 Effectiveness and Efficiency of Internal Controls
Enterprise Risk Management Analysis Comprehensive understanding of the Linkages and
Dependencies of Risk Across the Enterprise

Development or Enhancement of Operational Risk Frameworks


Matters such as Leadership growth and development; Understanding Core Values, Vision and Mission;Healthy Corporate Culture; Cultural Integration; Staff Morale, Recruiting, Retention and Training; and Corporate Transformation are some of the critical considerations which are present in all organizations and demands proper management to secure effective performance.
Next Level Solutions through a series of formal strategic arrangements has access to a range of highly skilled professionals who, together with our in-house resources, will deliver superior, sustainable results
and help to take your business to a higher level of operational effectiveness.

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