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Our Strategy Offerings deliberately combines strategic planning with leadership training and development, executive coaching and subject matter support. The value of this combination is grounded on the fact that without robust processes in place to manage the development and execution of strategy you are likely to end up with a “big book”of ideas and initiatives and no effective plans for execution.

Understanding the principles of leadership, the dynamics of team work and how to influence results are fundamental to the execution of an effective strategy, where this is lacking or is not at an optimal level coaching and support will be required. An effective Strategy together with a healthy culture and the quality of the vision and core values are critical to your company’s success.

We can help you clarify your vision and mission, and reach your goals through a structured, clear, understandable processes that take your business to the next level and beyond.

Do you have a clear road map for achieving your organizational objectives? Is your marketing strategy properly aligned with your strategic plan? Do you have clear understandable vision and mission statements? Is your strategic plan aligned with your company’s vision? Is your company culture conducive to your strategic ambitions? Is your company giving appropriate prominence to strategic planning? 

 Our offerings can help in areas such as:

Strategic planning workshops

Review and Streamlining of Strategic Plans

Synchronization of Marketing Strategy

Subsidiary Departmental Plans

Facilitation of Vision

 Mission and Core Value Statements

Cultural Interventions and Transformation


Leadership Development…The most successful organizations are those that see effective leadership and leadership development as a strategic imperative. Investment in human capital is fundamental in creating competitive advantage and securing strategic objectives. Sustainable success of any company is rooted in the quality of leaders it produces which is in turn influenced by the quality of leadership training and development it provides.

Executive Coaching is one means by which we can help you to achieve this.

Does your executive or senior management team display the fundamentals of leadership and is adequately focused on self-development and growth?

As certified John Maxwell Team Coaches we can help to provide structured be-spoke executive coaching programs to take them to the next level.

With access to world class human development experts we can enhance the effectiveness of your leadership team by impacting the mindset of its members.

Training is the second prong of our approach.

Is your company challenged with finding quality leadership candidates for succession?

Is your current leadership team operating at its maximum effectiveness?

We can help.

We work with you to firstly understand the broad strategic imperatives of the company and assess implications for human capital development; understand current human capital strategies of the company; sit with executive management or your board
of directors to establish what is needed to drive the strategic objectives of the company; and facilitate transformational interventions as required via leadership seminars and workshops, etc.

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