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On February 2, 2022, NextLevelSolutions hosted its second Risk & Regulatory Outlook (RRO) under the theme “Scanning the Risk Horizon in a Dynamic and Volatile Environment”. It brings together presenters from The Bahamas, the Caribbean and around world, drawing attention to important risks and regulatory developments, emerging issues and local, regional and global trends affecting organization and countries. Like last year, presentations from the Central Bank, the Securities Commission and Insurance Commission headlined the event with insightful and informative presentations covering a diverse range of topics - AML/KYC and Compliance; Cyber Security; Proposed Internal Audit Regulations; Global Risk Perspectives; and Crypto Risks.

By most measures, the event was outstanding. Over the course of the RRO’22, there were 393 logins versus 292 unique registrations, according to Hubert Edwards, Principal of NextLevelSolutions. “This is a clear indication of how interested and engaged attendees where. While persons may have had to drop off from time to time, they kept coming back and re-engaging said Edwards.

Paul Andy Gomez, a leading Bahamian Accountant and Former Ambassador commented, “The presentations, across the board, were educational and informative. It also brought together world-class talent from around the region to discuss financial regulation and oversight in a rapidly changing world. I registered, and actually attended for about four hours along with almost 200 folks. It was that valuable”. Referring to Edwards’ presentation on Enterprise Risk, Governance and Regulatory Compliance, he noted, “Your presentation at the conclusion was well researched, spot on and demonstrated an excellent knowledge of the subject matter”.

The success of RRO’22 is a demonstration of expertise and commitment of the presenters, with regulators Michele Fields, Superintendent of Insurance - Insurance Commission of The Bahamas; Christina Rolle, Executive Director of Securities Commission; and Charles Littrell, Inspector - Central Bank of The Bahamas, who delivered insightful updates and foreshadowed important regulatory changes ahead. The industry expert and specialist presenters, Dr. Cassandra Nottage, Shereka Rolle, Mark McKenzie; Anishka Collie, Carolyn Bell-Wisdom and Simone Martin shared timely, thoughtful and insightful perspectives on the areas of focus for 2022, and beyond. Donovan “Jay” Rolle once again skillfully moderated the session.

RRO’22 had attendees from around the Caribbean and world, including the UK and Asia. Speaking to the quality and value of the event, Roschelle Smith, an Internal Auditor from the BVI opined on LinkedIn, “Overall, timely and thorough content shared by all presenters…The session indeed proved that the Caribbean has top-notch talents and expertise to navigate amidst the changing tides.”

The risk trends examined at RRO’22 are here to stay and it is critical for risk practitioners and professionals to stay on the leading edge of developing functional and expert understanding them”, says Edwards. He further noted, “At NextLevelSolutions we intend to play a fundamental role in that process, through our service offerings, providing educational opportunities and leveraging our networks to bring together subject matter experts. At NextLevelSolutions, this is not simply about business but our deep belief that we have the ability to operate at global standards and attract serious attention to the region; and our commitment to seeing this happen, rather than things always going the other direction”.

RRO’23 will be on February 2, 2023 and promises to be as Dr. Cassandra Nottage, one of our presenters, succinctly stated, “Very informative sessions”. The environment over the next few years will remain highly disruptive, filled with uncertainties and requiring studied focus and effort in the ERM, Governance and compliance arena. NextLevelSolutions is positioning itself to play an active role in what is expected to be challenging circumstances, but a time filled with opportunities.

As we build our consulting practice, it is our vision to see RRO develop as the premier risk conference here in The Bahamas with regional reach and consistently consumed by international participants, in person or virtually. We will be working therefore to broaden its reach and looking to our financial and non-financial institutions, associations and professional service providers, with the continued support of our regulators, to play a part in making this dream a reality” said Edwards.

About NextLevelSolutions: NextLevelSolutions is a consultancy firm focused primarily on delivering business solutions in the areas of Risk Management, Compliance, Corporate Governance, Strategy, Finance/Accounting and Training. NextLevelSolutions assists companies and organisations in understanding and strategically resolving GRC (governance, risk and compliance), Operational and Strategic challenges, maximise performance and grow. To contact us for a free consultation and obtain information about our other services, go to or call 242-376-8951.

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