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NextLevelSolutions Risk & Regulatory Outlook 2022

The NextLevelSolutions Risk & Regulatory Outlook [NRRO] will be held on February 3, 2022 as a half day conference, running from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM. NRRO will be held under the theme "Scanning the Risk Horizon in a Dynamic and Volatile Environment" and has been approved by the Bahamas Institute of Chartered Accountants for CPD hours.

Having a keen understanding of the development and trends meandering on the risk horizon is critical to effective risk management. In the era of the Covid-19 pandemic, the matter of managing risk has become "riskier" as the velocity of change appears to have increased exponentially.

The environment is super dynamic and volatile, the trends are contestant and disruptive. From the ever increasing incursions of cryptocurrency into mainstream banking to the exposures being created as a result of almost leapfrogging evolution of the digital environment, risk professionals need to get and stay on the leading edge of risk trends.

The solution is to be armed with information which facilitate the development of effective risk management programs, informs the governance process and support strategic adjustments. The NextLevelSolutions Risk & Regulatory Outlook is the place to start or advance this effort.

Hosted by Donovan Rolle, NRRO '22 promises to be vibrant, informative and insightful featuring a diverse set of expert and experience presenters focusing on important risk topics which are of interest to businesses, industries and jurisdictions.

The event has secured presenters from Malaysia, BVI and Jamaica together with regulators and practitioners from The Bahamas - Mark McKenzie, Cassandra Nottage, Aniska Collie, Michelle Fields, Christina Rolle, Charles Littrell, Simone Martin, Shakera Rolle, Carolyn Bell-Wisdom, and Hubert Edwards. Don't miss this important Risk & Regulatory Outlook as we start a year with trends that promises to be consistently volatile and disruptive. Register today by going to and clicking on the "Event Registration" tab.

About NextLevelSolutions

NextLevelSolutions is a business consultancy firm focused primarily on delivering solutions in the areas of Risk Management, Compliance, Corporate Governance, Strategy, Finance and Training.

NextLevelSolutions assist companies and organisations in understanding and strategically resolving governance, risk and compliance challenges, maximise operational performance and grow!

Contact us today for a free consultation by going to or calling 242-376-8951.

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