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Nassau Bahamas August 26, 2021-PRESS RELEASE

The founder of HubertEdwardsGlobal (HEG) today announced the appointment of its first Board of Trustees. The Trustees, all distinguished leaders in their fields and nationally recognized, have agreed to work with the organization in the realization of its vision of impacting the personal education and development arena in the country and the region and providing world class of opportunities for both presenters and the markets it will serve. Additionally they will help to guide the furtherance of HEG’s philanthropic efforts, facilitating significant improvements in the level of contribution it has made to date, especially in its areas of focus, education and leadership.

The five initial appointees are Joan Albury, CEO of The TCL Group; Ricardo Deveaux, Deputy Permanent Secretary in Ministry of Education and The Primary School Student of the Year Chairman; Pastor Mario Moxey, Senior Pastor of Harvest Church; Dr. Dave Burrows, Senior Pastor of Bahamas Faith Ministry and Felix Stubbs, Businessman and Past District Governor - Rotary International. They will provide oversight for the initiatives and activities of the organization ensuring maximum transparency and accountability. “We are delighted and extremely humbled to have such a distinguished group of nationally recognized individuals agree to serve as our Trustees” stated Hubert Edwards. He further indicated that, “From our start in 2017 we have stated our intention to become a premier organization. This move represents an important step and signal in that direction. We are committed to being open, fully transparent and accountable to our partners and the public. These appointments, given their character and standing in the community ensures that this is achieve to the highest standards possible.” In the near future, HEG will add two additional Trustees to facilitate effective rotation and continuity.

In addition to the appointment of Trustees HEG has moved to strengthen its organization structure through with the creation of various director positions: Finance, Production, Marketing & Sales Director, Public Relations & Communication, Awards & Scholarship, Logistic and Administrative. Edwards is pleased to have a group of committed, dedicated and philanthropic minded individuals filling these positions. “Many of these persons have been associated with the organization from its inception, in particular as it relates to contribution in various ways to our annual Success Summit, now in its fifth year” indicated Edwards. “I am privileged and extremely grateful to serve alongside Derek Smith Jr, Rodney Bain, Rochelle Walker, Ray-Don Poitier, Donovan “Jay Fit” Rolle, Patrick Brown and Ancin Munnings who will serve in these positions”. Consistent with its regional ambition HEG intends to appoint Country Liaisons/Coordinators who will representing the organization in countries outside The Bahamas, co-coordinating events, identifying and facilitating opportunities in those countries in advancement of our mission.

Later this year, December 4, 2021, HEG will host the fifth edition of its highly successful Success Summit. To celebrate year five it will increase the number of scholarship grants and leadership excellence awards from three to five. Additionally there is the addition of a new diaspora award for non-native individuals with demonstrated committed, positive and exemplary contribution to The Bahamas. Success Summit is currently in discussions with Dr. Dave Burrows with the intent of collaborating to providing specific offering for youths, a development that could result in an additional day before the main Summit. Further information on this will be forthcoming. Hubert Edwards noted, “While we have not yet signed off on this we are confident that something new and exciting will be concluded and are very proud of the chance to join with Dr. Burrows and his organization in impacting the lives of young people, an area he is well known for locally and internationally” .

About HubertEdwardsGlobal: HubertEdwardsGlobal is a personal development and mentoring organization. Through its annual conference (Success Summit), other initiatives and projects, HEG focuses on making a significant positive contribution to the growth and development of persons, especially youths within The Bahamas and the wider Caribbean region. Our mission centers on “The Pursuit of Greatness”. We believe that those who can should help others. In this process, we must facilitate individual growth and development and work for the betterment of the individual person, group or community and country.

Hubert Edwards


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